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Which is the best 32 inch led tv in india 2013?

best 3d led hdtv 2013
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Hi guyzz!!

i am planning to buy a 32 inch led tv for my new home.
My priorities are :
full hd led tv (1920x1080p)
Decent motion clarity index
sharp and good quality pictures ofcourse.....
smart tv (optional)
stylish with a slim frame

went to a local store he inclined me towards lg32ls series i.e lg 32ls4600 and 32ls5700
Panasonic TH-L32E5D0
sony bravia 32 ex550

i personally like lg 32ls5700
which one should i consider.....
any other options.....

any help will be appreciated :)

Hi christina, LG WRman Sherlock here,

First of all, my recommendation would be too mention your budget range to get the best opinions possible. Now looking at the factors you have listed, the 32LS5700 would be a good choice.

However, if you have a flexible budget then I would suggest you to look at the 32LM6200 as well. The TV is a full HD LED TV with theater-like passive 3D and easy to use Smart TV functions. It has a Motion Clarity index of 400 which will be perfect for fast moving visuals. And the sleek design with the ribbon stand is definitely the cherry on top. Check this link for detailed information for this TV.

LG WRman Sherlock out!

3D related question?Please Answer!!?


I have a sony bravia 40 inch 3D LED HDTV.I want to download life of pi in 3D from torrent.In the torrent file it is showing 2 same pictures in one screen like this-
So when i download this and view it in 3d on my tv...will the movie be displyed in 2 screens or converted in 1 screen when i turn 3D on my tv?Please answer!

It is Side by side 3d Movie. It is also called SBS 3d.It will be played as single screen when you play it on your TV. Enjoy your 3d TV. You can search on Torrent with SBS 3d keyword.

Other 3d Version is IMAX,Anaglyph.

I recommend you watch Final Destination 4 and 5, Journey to the center of the earth for better 3d effects.

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