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whats the best tv/accessories i would need to get the best graphics out of my ps3?

best 3d hdtv picture quality
 on ... TC-P55ST60 55-Inch 1080p 600Hz 3D Smart Plasma HDTV | Best Hd Tv Faq
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right now i have a standard tv, not one of those flat screen ones and some of my buddies and i own a playstation 3 and we have some of the same games, and the games look so much better on their tv. the graphics picture quality is amazing. If i did purchase a HDTV with 1080p and if it was LCD and i had an HDMI cable, would that improve the games graphics?

LED television with 3D capabilities with a gold plated HDMI cable is the best combination on the market. Even now they are starting to use optic cables, but the gold tipped HDMI will give you the best signal. Make sure the TV size fits your room. The bigger is not the better. If you sit 6 feet from your TV, a 42" is optimal. Any shorter and you might have to go with a 35 or 32. Any more than that, and you are going to have to go with 47" or more.

Stay away from rear projected televisions like the Mitsubishi as well.
Good brands to look at are:

Even getting a nice pair of gaming headsets would be good for sound as well.

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Samsung receiver has 1 HDMI output. HDTV has 4 HDMI inputs. How do I connect Blu Ray, and cable box?


How do I connect all these components to get surround sound from TV, and Blu Ray, and show Hi-Def picture quality from cable box. Do I need a switcher? The receiver is lacking HDMI inputs, so it cannot serve as a switcher. Should I input HDMI from the cable box, Blu-Ray and receiver into HDTV, but connect to receiver using component wiring?

Hi Foxy 69......You have a samsung home theater in a box type of set up with just the one hdmi output at the rear of this samsung.....ok....If you connect from your components to just the tv,you will be defeating your intentive purpose of wanting to use the samsung to output the surround sound for you......So, what i suggest you get is a splitter or a switcher box same type of thing and they come in many different formats....So,i suggest you get a box that has two hdmi outputs on it....That way you can run a hdmi lead from one of these hdmi outputs on the splitter box to the rear of your samsung and the other hdmi output on the splitter box to the tv....thus splitting the output signal to two....ok.....You can get these with say two,three,four or ten hdmi inputs for you to connect to if you wanted to,so you pick one that will suit your price range and your application.......After you have connected the tv and the samsung,then you can connect your blu ray player and cable box to the splitter box inputs and make sure you get into the video and audio menu's on all of your component's I.E: (tv,blu ray player and cable box) and set them to "hdmi"....Any of the splitter boxes that have hdmi output's & input's will support two different formats and they are the 1.3 for hd standard&hi-def hd and the 1.4 for the 3d hd compatible,if your component's are in fact 1.3 compatible,then you must pick one that is the 1.3 hdmi compatible as the 1.4 will not work... ok...Using a hdmi cable is a much better quality than optical digital cable....Fact!............................................So you can get one of these splitter boxes from this website........"".......To search for the splitter box on their website....on there main page on the lefthand side you will see a product list....scroll down that list until you find " hdmi products"....Then you can click on either the "hdmi splitter" or the "hdmi switchers" to find ok and some of these do have a remote control.......So if you want cheap 'n nasty made in china,go to or ebay...if you want a well built quality american product,then go to this website i have suggested for you...Your choice.....Cheers!

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