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What is available on PlayStation Network and best PSN games?

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I'm getting a PS3 by summer...ofcourse i will play online,but i wonder what applications does it have and what do they do,and also what are the best,most played games on PSN...

PS:the most thorough answer will get the "Top Answer",

Well to start off my friend Call Of Duty mw2 is played by a hell of a lot of people, however it can get very boring after about 20 + hours on it. Another good game is Fifa 10, this is very good online like cod mw2 it has a stable connection and lots of people play it.

On the playstation store a game I would recommend would be Battlefield 1939, it is a very very good first person shooter with unlimited ammo, access to tanks, jeeps, boats and planes. You can fly all of these as teams of 9 people either Japanese or American forces fight over an island and bases within the island. Basically capture the flag it is very good, you get 4 weapons for each class (scout, infantry and rifleman) These include bombs and swords, to rocket launchers and sniper rifles. It is set in WW2 and very good value for £9.99 or $10.99. There is a free trail available for download which you can search for on the playstation store, type in search criteria and it will give you the information.

You can now also download themes and movies for around £5 if you wish to rent them.

Another application for the ps3 is a blu-ray player, only if you have a HDTV then you can watch high-def movies. Only a HDTV can show the true qualities of these movies. It helps for games to have a HDTV however is not essential unless you like to have the up to date tech. If you are English it has bbc i player where you can watch your favorite shows from tv you may have missed.

You can also get play tv, which records tv and stores it on your ps3, but again only if you are English.

2010 is a great line up for PS3 games, including Heavy Rain, which is the most anticipated movie game ever made. It is about you taking control of people's everyday lives and picking options and see how it turns out. For example you go to a store for something and a robbery happens whilst you are there, you can try to talk the gun man out of it, or sneak up and shoot him your self, all of these have major consequences on the story and if a character dies they are gone forever, And with 27 different endings the replay value will be amazing, although it does not have online. It is a ps3 exclusive which means that the graphics will be specifically designed for ps3 meaning they WILL always be the best graphics out at the time.

Another great ps3 exclusive is Uncharted 2 a action adventure game crossed between indiana jones and a good shoot em up. It is a must buy for you or any ps3 owner because it is the best game out at the moment on any console, that is not my opinion that is metacritic's which takes all the scores of every review and compiles them together into a final review. Uncharted 2 received 96/100 which is the best score given to any game or movie since the creation of metacritic. Uncharted 2 has top class graphics beautifully rendered, amazing gameplay and the most compelling story line ever given to a game.

Another set of good games comming out include GT5, God of War III and MAG.

Mag is a game that its like call of duty but with better graphics, and wait for it 256 people online in one game in massive cities. I think that say's it all.

Ps3 to round of is beautifully designed and there is so much to come and to offer from the machine I can't tell you all about it or I will be here until the morning so heres a couple of websites for you to check out:

http://www.macworld.com/article/53516/2006/10/24things.html - This is random points.

http://boardsus.playstation.com/playstation/board/message?board.id=ps3&message.id=4006593 ------ This is things you may not knowabout the slim ps3.

And finally a bit more on games upcoming this year you may want to look at :D


What's a good 46" 3DTV to get for around $1400?


I'm looking into getting a 46" 3DTV for around $1400, but I can be flexible on the price. Picture quality is the biggest deciding factor for me. I don't care in the slightest about the TV's internet features, as my Xbox can do everything that can, and though a good design would be nice, I'd take a TV with killer picture quality over a killer design any day. Any suggestions?

I would recommend a Panasonic Plasma tv model ST-30 or the GT 30. Go online to Home theater magazine and read the reviews on 3D HDTV. Last month they reviewed 3 Panasonic Plasma tv model ST30, GT30 and the VT30. For 2010 the magazine named the Panasonic VT25 as the best tv.
Hope this will help you out.

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