Sunday, January 19, 2014

Best brand of flat screen TV to buy?

best hdtv brands 2013
 on pc input hdmi price good from nov 08 2013 through nov 14 2013 home fry ...
best hdtv brands 2013 image


Panasonic are considered the best at the moment.

This link has some awesome TV's and specs.

Which TV I should buy?

Patrik Fen

Hey guys,

I want to buy a TV in the near future but I have no clue which one... I want the TV for gaming (Xbox) and movies mainly... So it has to be Full HD, low input lag, great contrast and refresh rate. I don't really care about the Smart TV capabilities.

But I really have no clue which one should I pick... Can I have your opinions? Can you recommend me specific type or at least a brand? I would be glad if the pricepoint would not exceed 1000eur/850gpb/1300usd



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