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What is the difference between LCD and LED television set? Which one has beeter quality and options?

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I need to change my TV and want to have more information about LCD and LED considering the difference between them. I really need to know which one has a better quality and more options.

I would definitely NOT recommend "buying the TV that looks best for you" because in most stores the lighting is so unlike what you're seeing at home and it makes the sets with great black level details like the Panasonic Viera plasma's, look not so different from the severaly underperforming in house brands like Insignia, Dynex, etc.

The best sets on the market are still plasma's and at those prices it's not surprising.

Some of the new LED sets are not true LED sets like the Sony XBR8 and Samsung 950 series. However despite the great blacks, motion reoslution and ANSI ratings these sets have they still suffer a LOT with viewing angle and blacks get washed out quickly.

What's the difference between an LCD and an LED HDTV?

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I'm looking to purchase an HDTV and was wondering the difference between the two types. Is it worth is to spend the extra money for LED? How much better is the performance of an LED?

LED and LCD HDTVs are actually both LCD. The only difference is when the HDTV says it's LED, it's actually referring to the type of backlighting. LEDs use light emitting diodes which turn on and off extremely fast. This helps to make dynamic contrast possible (black scenes are darker, white scenes are brighter). LCDs use fluorescent tubes that are not so fast. Performance wise, picture quality varies greatly between manufacturers in regards to both technology. Before making a purchase, do your homework and read up on specs and reviews on websites like and

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