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Why did my new TV stop getting free channels? It says low-signal now but I had many HD and SD channels before?

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Before Oct. 2nd, 2013, I received several HD and SD channels by connecting my cable. I have comcast internet but no tv service.

Today, all I get is the music channels above 90.

I was under the impression that over-the-air channels are available for free, is this not the case?

Did the digital TV tuner stop working?

Is this part of the FCC/Government shutdown?

You have a fundamental misunderstanding. "Over-the-air" means you receive it with an antenna, from the TV station's transmitting antenna in your area. Yes, that is free, but you only get it with an antenna, not from your cable outlet.

In the U.S..at least, there is nothing free on cable service--it's all provided by private companies, and they have to get paid via customer subscriptions.

What you were seeing on the cable was Comcast's "no-box" channels, receivable without one of their set top boxes. Those were all standard-def analog plus some HD channels. You saw those HD channels because your TV has an optional QAM tuner.

You had continuity on the cable to your home as an Internet subscriber, which got you those no-box channels as a bonus, so they weren't free. You can't see them now because Comcast and all cable companies are rapidly migrating their analog channels to their digital packages that require some type of box. When it's done, as it apparently was in your area on October 2nd, there are no TV channels left on the cable that are receivable without a box. It was done in my area over a year ago.

So, if you want TV from Comcast, you'll have to upgrade your subscription and get a box.

what LED hdtv should I buy to avoid noticing any Lag whatsover?


Hi I have 2 Vizio HDTV. One is an LED and it is a 120 HZ and it is a 47 inch and the other is an LCD 47 inch one and also 120 hz. Now I am gonna give you a great example. You know for anyone who watches NBC Sunday Night Football and they go to the replay and the NBC Logo comes up to show the replay and after they show the replay the NBC Logs comes up again to go back to Live TV, well this is a great example because I notice somewhat of a lag when that happens and I see like a ghosting effect I guess and I also notice the pixels when that happens. It happens on other channels too but I notice it more on NBC Sunday Night Football. I have HD Directv with HDMI cable. So that isn't the problem. It is crazy because the other night I also watched the game on NFL Game Rewind app on the IPAD MINI and I didn't notice any lag whatsoever during the game. Is this lag or ghosting or whatever you want to call it caused by the response time of the TV or is it caused by the Refresh rate of the TV. I mean both of my Vizio TV's are doing the same thing and I even have a 3rd Sony 60 hz tv and it does it on that as well. So my questions are as follows:

1)Is the Lag caused by the Response Time or the Refresh Rate or what exactly?

2)Why is it on the IPAD Mini I didn't notice the lag?

3)I want the images to be crisp without any lag or ghosting or anything like that. What specifications on the TV should I look for?

4)For a 2013 say tv between a 30 to 39 inch what exact tv model do I look at to not see any lag etc?

5)How about a 40 to 50 inch TV which model should I look at?

6)Do I buy instead a monitor that is like 27 inch or 32 inch with an hdmi with a response time of say 1 ms. Please let me know.

Please answer each of my above 6 questions in details. Thanks.
For the Panasonic Plasma I should get a 1080P right rather than a 720P. The only problem that I have with Plasmas is that the picture is way too dim compared to the LED or LCD TV and I like a picture that is very bright. Please help. Thanks.

It's just a lag based on the distance of the TV and box from the satellite and just the broadcast in general. One of my family members had the same issue they have a 20 inch LED tv in their bedroom and a 32 inch LED tv in there living room. You can hear the TV's echo each other when on the same channel. Next the reason you didn't notice any lag on the iPad Mini is because it wasn't a live stream of it, it was a replay of what happened. So it's not looking for the live feed of the game over the internet, it's downloading it to the iPad's temporary memory just so it can play it through. This really isn't the TV at all VIZIO TV's are great options. This goes back to just DirecTV's ability to get the live video to the satellites and then to TV's across the US mainly. The only option would be to get a 240 Hz or 480 Hz HDTV but I really don't recommend that because those are mainly LCD TV's and LCD is probably the last option you want for a TV. LED is the best quality for a TV and LCD is better for a computer screen image. Overall for TV screen sizes you asked. The Best options are Samsung with there Smart HDTV's, Sharp's new IGZO display HDTV's, then Samsung is always reliable choice for HDTV's

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