Tuesday, January 21, 2014

If i scratched my HDTV screen by accident does it effect the picture quality of my tv?

best picture quality on hdtv
 on Gain Signal Amplifier - HDTV Ready - Improves poor picture quality ...
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What if i accidently scratched my LED hdtv while it was turned on, would it affect the picture quality of my hdtv?

Only if it bothers you.

How to get a better picture quality on a lcd hdtv?


I recently bought a 1080p lcd hdtv, right now im watching tv just through basic cable without a cable box or anything else. But when im watching tv i dont feel the picture quality is very good, it looks somewhat blurry and i just dont feel like im getting what im suppose to. I wasnt really expecting that though it being an HD ready tv and putting out 1080p. Would getting an HD cable box from my cable provider help?

The picture looks bad because you are looking at standard-definition channels, not HD channels.

HDTVs usually make standard-def channels look WORSE, not better!

So what you need to do is get some HD channels.

To do that with cable, you probably have to upgrade your cable account to pay extra for HD and get an HD cable box. But before you do that, you could try without a box, and have your TV scan for new channels (tell it you have digital cable when you start the scan), and it may pick up a few channels (mostly major networks) in HD. If you are happy with just those in HD, you might not need to pay extra for HD.

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