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What are artifacts when testing image quality?

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Reading many image quality reviews for HDTV's, there is alot of talk about artifacts (poor image quality)

What are artifacts, what do they look like, what do they do, how do they affect image quality?

Are they like big pixel squares, or cloudiness in the image?

What are they?

An artifact is a general term that refers to anything that was not faithfully reproduced. It covers a lot of ground.

The most noticeable artifacts are those that cause jagged edges or smears but just about any defect due to the encoding and decoding process an / or display anomalies could qualify.

How do I change audio setting on Samsung LCD to direct sound through Digital Optical cable to surround sound?


I have HDMI running from Surround sound to HDTV. I have Digital Optical Cable running from HDTV to Surround sound. How do I direct the TV to use the optical cable for sound instead of HDMI. The main goal is to have best sound quality for HDTV, HD Set-top Cable Box, and surround sound system. Thanks to any answers!

Run the optical cable from the TV digital audio output to the surround sound digital input.

Select the optical input on the surround sound system (can't tell you exactly how without knowing the make/model), and you'll get great audio from whatever you're watching on TV.

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