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Can I use a digital tv converter box with basic cable?

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I know this question has been asked a million times but my situation is slightly different, I think.
Well, I have an HDTV from 2013 and an old HD compatible TV monitor thing from 2004 or so. Basically, I get about 100 channels from the Basic Cable package that I have from Time Warner Cable on my HDTV and on the older TV, I get about 20 of those clear channels and the rest are either gone or all blurry. I think its something wrong with the older TV's tuner, or the lack thereof.
Anyway, I bought a digital TV converter box that has a QAM tuner and some other stuff, it also has an HDMI output which I like. I am wondering, can I use this converter box somehow with my basic cable? The basic cable is just my coax cable connected to the wall and to my TV. Can I somehow use the converter box in between these two to get me the missing channels? Or what do I need to purchase to do that? Thank you.

No, digital converter boxes are only for antenna signals. Cable box signals are different, which is why TV's have the option to switch between Cable/Antenna input via the coax.
One option you CAN do however...

Use the video output of the cable box and put it into the AV1 input, and then just put the digital converter box on the coax part so you can get channels from there. You still have to switch between the 2 sets of inputs though.

If your Time Warner is giving you blurry channels call your cable company, it may be a problem on their end.

How much do hdtv prices drop over a years time?


Hello, I'm planning on saving up for a Samsung LED HDTV. I'd like it to be 55 inches or more, I don't really care to have smart technology, and I'd love for it to be one of the ultra slim ones. It seems for 55 inches I'll be paying about 1100 dollars, for 60 inches its 1300 dollars, and any more than that, they automatically add the smart technology so its 2,500 or above. But I was just wondering how much a tv's price may drop in about a year from now. I've seen that 55 inch LED's used to be 2200 dollars but now they are 800-1200. How much do these prices usually drop in about a year with the new technology?

This is the tv I plan on buying:

It's a tough thing to figure.

A particular model that you like may have a limited shelf-life. Manufacturers tend to make new models in order to keep prices up. Though the price of model 55-123LED (making this model number up) may be $1500 right now...conventional wisdom means that this model should be cheaper next year. The problem is that the manufacturer stops making this model and replaces it with the 55-321LED. Though it is completely identical to the old is a 2013 model and therefore will still be worth the $1500 as a 'current' model.

The best time to purchase last years model is just before/just after the new ones hit the shelves. Stores will cut prices to make room for the new ones. If you wait to long will find last years models hard to find.

A couple of tips for you:
A Good sale can happen anytime. It doesn't have to be Black Friday, Columbus Day, etc. Keep an eye on weekly ads from the major retailers in your well as the online shops. With Price-Matching (which most major retailers offer)...anyone's sale could be a sale for your local store.

Don;t be afraid to ask for a discount. You have to believe that EVERYTHING is negotiable. You don;t have to be rude about it...just a simple "Is there any other way to save money on this TV?" I got 5% off my TV at Fry's Electronics simply by calling the manager over and asking if they're was any way he could save a few bucks (told him I was just a bit short on covering the full cost + taxes). Salesman/managers may know of coupons, etc that can save a few bucks.

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