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How to do get great picture quality on my samsung LCD 32 inch tv?

best picture quality 32 inch hdtv
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Do you need a HD box to have great picture quality , my picture is blurry . What settings do you use for the tv. If you can help it would be great. leave your email so i get more help thank you

An hdtv needs hd programming to look the best that it can and it has to be hooked up with an hdmi cable.
Right now your looking at standard definition on a high definition tv. Once you get the hd programming you won't want to watch sd anymore. There is that much of a difference.

How can i get the best picture quality on a samsung lcd-hdtv 32 inch?


I just bought a samsung hdtv and i can't get it to have a very good image quality and i do have dish network (i don't have HD programing) what can I do to make it look better? and will the DTV change next year will Provide better image quality for my tv?

Your HDTV will display the best video image with a true HD input. On Dish, that means springing for an HD receiver or DVR with an HD channel package. You may also need a new LNB installation. You should get pretty good standard-def (SD) reception with your SD receiver, though.

As for the change next year, that only affects those using an over-the-air (OTA) antenna for TV reception. If you have an OTA antenna, your set should pull in excellent HD programming for free right now from the digital transmitters that are already on the air, providing that you're in a location with good OTA reception.

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