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How can I get the best possible picture quality on my LED HDTV?

best picture quality for hdtv
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I've recently purchased a 50" Sony Bravia 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV and while the picture quality of quite good straight out of the box, I'm sure it could be better. I haven't really altered the settings at all so does anyone know if there are particular settings to get the best possible picture? I do have it hooked up with a HDMI cable.

You cannot use anybody elses numbers because the adjustments are there to compensate for YOUR source devices, your cable and your particular television.

Go get a Pixar BluRay or DVD. In the disk setup menu you will find test patterns and instructions on setting your basic Brightness, Contrast and Color. This is important because televisions are set to nearly 100% brightness and contrast at the factory to be 'eye-catching' if the unit is used for a floor demo. Properly setting these values - will NOT look as good at first. But fine details will become noticeable, wide areas of solid colors will be more solid and not swirl with other colors, etc.

This is a basic calibration you are doing. You can always order the new Disney WOW disk, the Speiers and Munsel or good old Digital Video Essentials. These disks have more test patterns, are more involved but give you lots of great tutorials.

Start with a Pixar disk. This may be all you need.

Also - go into the TV and turn OFF various optional processing like 'motion flow' and other things. While these things do make motion smoother and make some details pop out - it can create un-natural effects like the 'soap-opera' effect. (Once you see this - you will know what I am talking about.)

Oh - and congratulations on the purchase.

How do I get better LED HDTV picture quality?


Just bought an Vizio xvt423sv LED HDTV and the picture quality is not like the t.v display in store. It is actually poor for an LED. Do I need better cables? How do I get the best LED HDTV picture quality?

You need an HD cable box and blu ray player connected to the tv with HDMI cables.

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