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Is a HD cable worthless if i do not have HD channels?

best quality 32 inch hdtv
 on Haier L32D1120 32-Inch 720p 60Hz LCD HDTV: Electronics
best quality 32 inch hdtv image

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I bought a 32 inch hdtv for only $125...Great DEAL!
But i notice that the channels look the same as my old 20 inch tube tv..
I have cable that does not have hd channels so if i buy a hd cable will the picture look any better?

You will see two benefits. One, the extra resolution that your TV has will be taken advantage of. Two, on HD channels the screen will be properly filled without stretching or zooming. Yes it will be better.

Get the HD channels, in most markets it's not that much more. Where I live, it's another 16 bucks for a HD cable box with DVR and HDMI output. And yes, you'll need a HDMI cable for the max quality, the cable company will usually throw that in for free.

even if you don't go HD, your DVDs will look nicer. Another thing, most 32 inch TVs right now are only 720p, you won't get every pixel out of HD programming because it's 1080i and there is a limited amount of 1080p. Don't worry, it all scales fine, you won't see anything funky, you just won't see every pixel. It's also harder to see the extra definition if you are sitting more than a few feet away, 32 inches is kinda small.

What do i need to get the Best out of my Entertainment Center?


I just bought a new samsung 32 inch lcd hdtv and i have an xbox 360 system and a compact stereo. What cords or additional things do i need to buy to get the most out of my system? hdmi cords or hd boxes? Just let me know exactly what i need to hook up. Thank you

hmm, well as for the 360, it actually doesnt output in tru hdtv, so special cables are not necessary for it, but it does help if you get a hdmi cable, it will improve picture quality.then you should get a 5.1 surround system. this makes everything sooo much better, even more than games, all movies and music will be improved too. get something like this:

and to connect a 5.1 sound system, you will need either another hdmi cable going from your tv to the system, or a fiberoptic goind from either your 360 or the tv to the system.


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