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Telemundo comes in fuzzy, what to do?

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I get Telemundo through my antenna...the picture is decent, though fuzzy. What I can't deal with is the crackling and noise. Is there any way I can clear the picture? It's an analog channel that still comes through my HDTV and antenna. Is there anything I can do to make the picture clearer and eliminate the noise?

The only solution is pretty much a better antenna, or better aiming and placement of the antenna you have. If it's a roof-mounted antenna, someone should climb up, check the wiring (make sure it's tight, not damaged), and then try turning the antenna to see if the quality of the picture improves when it's pointed another direction.

If you are using an indoor antenna, you should try replacing it, or aiming it better. It may be necessary to position it close to a window.

In the sources below, is a high-quality indoor antenna you can make out of cardboard and foil (don't laugh, it's very good antenna.)

What kind of Antenna for HDTV?

Q. ...just got an hdtv. It picks up some digital channels pixelized with no antenna. I have a few general antennas throughout the house. Will any of these work, or do you need a special HD or Digital antenna?

HDTV uses the same antennas as normal over the air television. The only difference is with amplified antennas, they generally require a higher quality amplifier as the cheap ones for analog television can distort the digital signal more than it improves it. Some antennas that say they're especially for HDTV may be designed to better reduce multipath interference. Your best bet is a directional outdoor antenna, but if you're getting stations even with no antenna, I'd just try one of those general antennas you already have and see what kind of results you get. The problem I had with indoor antennas was that when people walked around in the house it could make the signal go all pixelated. But like I said, if it's strong enough to where you're getting stuff with no antenna, might not be a problem for you. Start with the simplest/cheapest solution first and work your way up.

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