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Will an HDMI cable have any effect on picture quality with a PS3 connected to a 720p TV?

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I have a Vizio 32" LCD HDTV that displays in 720p, as well as a PS3. If I hook it up with an HDMI cable instead of the Red-White-Yellow cord, will it have any effect on the picture quality?

Compared to red-white-yellow, yes. Red-white-yellow (actually just Yellow) is just Composite, which does only 480i

Compared to Component ( red-green-blue-red-white), not for gaming anyways. Both it and HDMI do 720p or better.

Which is better, LCD or Plasma tv in the 32" size range?

Scrappy Co

I'm planning on buying a 32" hdtv. Well my option was panasonic lx80 but I've read in some forums that plasma tvs have better picture quality compared to lcd panels. I'm planning on using this on ps3 gaming, movie watching and as pc monitor. So anybody could please help me regarding this? And could please someone explain it by having the pros, cons and explanation. Thanks!

That small, it makes no real sense to get Plasma.
LCD is the only economical option.

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