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How to get the best HDTV picture?-First time HDTV buyer.?

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I purchased an hdtv lcd today and I currently have it hooked up with the 3 wire cable (red,yellow,white) and the quality is less than what I would expect. In order to get the best performance do I need to purchase an HD cable of some kind? Will that make a difference or is the quality pretty much the same?

You're connecting a standard-definition source to your high-def TV and getting a standard-def picture. That's obviously normal. For real HD via cable or satellite, you need................

1. An HDTV, which you have.
2. An HD (not just digital, but HD) satellite or cable box.
3. An HDMI cable (preferred) or a set of 5 component cables to connect the box to your TV.
4. A subscription to the HD channel package (HD, not just digital) from the cable or satellite company.
5. You need to be watching a program that's actually being broadcast in HD, not SD.

If any of the above are missing, you won't get an HD picture from cable or satellite.

If you have a very good over-the-air antenna, all you need is that plus #1 and #5 above.

How to get digital channels on my hdtv?


I just got an hdtv and I connected it to my silver directv box with the yellow white and red cables. And thats pretty much it. No antennas. My channels dont look as clear as my friend's tv. What do i need to do?

you use RCA triple cable for tv input.

if your receiver and tv have COMPONENT jacks with FIVE CORDS ,use this.....quality a little high.

if your receiver and tv have HDMI ports.....use this........quality very high.

you should select your input on SOURCE menu.
thank you analog is the kind of MODULATION on transmitter and
detection on the receiver so COMPONENT signals are Y ,R-Y and B-Y no matter digital or analog.

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