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which 2011 hdtv should I get?

best picture quality hdtv 2011
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Panasonic Viera 42ST30 3D HDTV?


Samsung UN46D000 2D TV

I don't care about the 3D, only the 2D picture quality


I found Samsung a very unique type of TV, Try and find a HD one that comes with a HDMI Cable to ensure for the best experience But remember HD only lasts for so long.

Tube TV vs 1080p HDTV?


Comparing the two tv's in this scenario.

TV#1 2002 Model Flat Tube 60Hz 27" Screen
TV#2 2011 3D Ready 1080p 120Hz 63" Screen

Just for giggles I plugged in the RCA cables (Red, White, Yellow) to my new tv to play the PS3. Resolution is set to a maximum of 480p for these cables. Picture quality is terrible! Rainbow effect & nothing looks good. But, when hooked up to the old school tv same method, looks great!

Now normally I do run the latest 1.4 HDMI cables & use the 3D glasses & all that good stuff, but this was just for my own amusement, now that i've seen the difference, I want to know.....why......

So the question???? Why, does an advanced piece of technology not look nearly as good under these circumstances as the old school tv which looks great?

The old school TV is designed for the 480 that the composite cable gives it. Your new TV has to artificially increase the resolution of the TV from 480 lines to 1080 lines. Some TV's do a better job doing this than others.

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