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Some computer experts say that the graphical quality of video games has reached a plateau?

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Q. e.g., look how good the graphics are for a game like Crysis 2. These are rendered on hardware that was nearly outdated in 2005. You could imagine the potential of similar hardware in 2011. Or would it even make a difference?

What will make the next generation of gaming distinctive from the current?

In the past, the answer to this question was easy: GRAPHICS.

PC graphics can continue to march forward with ever more impressive hardware optimizations, higher resolutions, better physics, etc. However consoles are going to have a much tougher time of it. Sure with this generation we saw the jump to HD, or at least 720p@30fps. However the next batch of consoles should have no problem with 1080p@60fps which is the maximum any HDTV is capable of producing. Even 3D won't be a problem for these consoles - if they decide to support it.

Really the only direction left is better physics, and better textures. However these are going to seem more like minor bumps vs. the huge leaps we've been used to. It might also mean consoles will come out less frequently - no need to upgrade as frequently.

The 360, for instance, will turn 7 later this year and while Microsoft is working on a new console we probably won't see it on shelves until 2013 at the earliest - nearly 9 years after the 360 came out.

If you collect all three stamps at McDonalds for their monopoly contest, do you automatically win that prize?

Zack and B

I've been playing the McDonald's monopoly thing and have almost collected all of one color and I want to know if you definitely win that prize.

Ah, the McDonald's Monopoly game... chasing after that one color stamp to win the big prize. If only it was that simple.

First of all, if you like McDonald's and you are happy about winning a food prize, its ok to play. Here's how it breaks down:•Medium Fries ($1.75) – Odds 1 in 9, or 11.1% chance you win.
• Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese ($3.60) – Odds 1 in 44, or 2.3% chance you win.
• Small McCafe or Smoothie ($2.40) – Odds 1 in 44, or 2.3% chance you win.
• McFlurry ($2.55) – Odds 1 in 44, or 2.3% chance you win.
• Breakfast Sandwich ($2.65) — Odds 1 in 22, or 4.6% chance you win

The other instant prizes (winning a DVD rental from a Red Box) to headphones are tougher. The DVD is 1 in 101 and the odds go up from there.

Now for the challenge - getting the properties. The truth is that whatever property group you need, one space is much, much, much more difficult to get than the others. Take the Red group (Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky) which gives you one of 40 plane tickets - the odds of getting Indiana or Illinois are around 1 in 10. The odds of getting Kentucky Ave., however, is 1 in 15 million.

Here is a list of the odds for all of the properties (plus the toughest one of each set to obtain):
BROWN: Mediterranean Ave, odds 1 in 30 million wins $1,000.
• LIGHT BLUE: Vermont Ave, odds 1 in 40 million, wins $5,000.
• PINK: Virginia Ave, odds 1 in 200 million, wins $10,000
• ORANGE: Tennessee Ave, odds 1 in 602 million, wins Super Bowl tickets.
• RED: Kentucky Ave, odds 1 in 15 million, wins one of 40 plane tickets for two.
• YELLOW: Ventnor Ave, odds 1 in 300 million, wins $20,000
• GREEN: Pennsylvania Ave, odds 1 in 40 million, wins one of 15 Fiat cars.
• BLUE: Boardwalk, 1 in 602 million, wins $1,000,000 in $50,000 annual payments.
• RAILROADS: Short Line railroad, 1 in 150 million, wins a year's supply of gas.

Do you see the challenge? It's not getting two of the three properties, it's getting the extremely scarce third one.

Here, btw, are the odds for winning the non-food prizes:
40 point MyCoke Reward (or medium Coke) - 1 in 151
$5 McDonald's Arch card - 1 in 21,518
EA Sports $10 promo code - 1 in 161
$10 Shell Gift Card - 1 in 60,250
Hasbro Monopoly Board Game - 1 in 60,250
$25 Shell Gift Card - 1 in 86,071
Shutterfly 8x8 PhotoBook - 1 in 302
EA Sports Game - 1 in 35,441
$50 - 1 in 60,250
ur Beats Earphones - 1 in 4,061,000
$100 - 1 in 105,701
Panasonic Lumix TS20 Digital Still camera - 1 in 1,506,202
Beats by Dr. Dre Phil Speaker - 1 in 4,016,601
Headphones - 1 in 301,245,030
Panasonic Viera 50-inch Plasma HDTV - 1 in 10,401,541
$5,000 - 1 in 40,166,041
EA Sports NFL Game Experience - 1 in 10,041,541
Beaches Resorts Vacation - 4,634,539
Ace Hardware $7,500 Home Fix-Up - 1 in 31,710,004
NFL Pro Bowl Experience - 30,124,503
2013 Fiat 500 Hatchback - 1 in 60,249,006
2013 Fiat 500 Cabrio - 1 in 60,249,006
$20,000 - 1 in 200,830,020
$100,000 - 1 in 301,245,030

So the morale of the story is if you want to win Medium Fries, you have a good chance of going away happy; otherwise, don't count on anything else.

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